Friday, April 18, 2008


for this thing, i needed to explore, and to be completely honest, i didn't understand the web site at all! i'm not sure if it's me, or not, but the site seemed too confusing for me; i think i need someone to actuall explain it to me.

but other than that, i think that this site will be good for those who know how to use it, but if you don't, i would recommend that you stay away from it unless you think that you can take it on...


worldcat is sooo much better, in my opinion, than netlibrary. it had a much better selection of books because it has all books! it tells you where books are all over the world and the closest one to you.

this picture is of a book about the grateful dead located in the netherlands!...isn't that just spiffy?!


to me, netlibrary wasn't that great. it seemed to have a bigger selection of non-fiction books than fiction books, which can be a little boring... ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

li-berry thing

library thing is a great tool to people to keep track of the books that they have read and books that they want to read. this is great for people to explore new books and books by their favorite authors that they haven't yet heard of.

tech and me...

in the past, my relationship with technology has been very...interesting.

i would never call myself a computer whiz, but i at least know how to turn on the computer. since i have been very young i have been very 'behind the times' when it comes to the newest and latest types of gadgets. i have always been one to steer away from the newer stuff and label it as sort of a fad...that is until the older items are being discontinued. then i have to learn something brand new and by the time i learn that, something else will be on the market that i need to learn.

even as a young child i have had small troubles with technology. i have always had troubles trying to make things work the way i want them to work, i have never found this fair because my little brother always had to show and teach me how to work all of teh different types of toys and gadgets that i had as a kid.

Friday, April 4, 2008


*to find feeds, i found that carly's help was the easiest way to find them, otherwise it would have taken me a year to find the rss's.

*i found many news feeds, but seeing as i'm not one who likes the news, i found some awesome comics!

look who i scanned...

this is my model carly, i used this picture not only for my blog, but for a photography assignment. i had to do this quick, and i did this on my break!


this is the statue's-eye-view of their book...they can't seem to take their eyes off it.

look at my little buddy, and check out his spiffy tie!

welcome to the friend's garden; a nice place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Monday, March 31, 2008

flickr me!!

i chose this picture because it is just sooooooooooo cute! i mean look at him, he's adorable! how can you not fall in love with this?!


my name's tim, im from the lacey branch of the library and this is going to be my first post for the web things challenge.

out of the seven and a half habits, i have to say that the hardest for me would be to teach or mentor others. the only reason i say that is because when i explain things to people they never come out as i want them too; so it is hard for me to try and teach people about different things beacuse i have a problem elaborating.

the easiest thing for me would be to visualize my goals.